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22nd December 2005

artistic_lunacy9:06pm: story time
I am creating a story zine at the moment...
So. Submissions, kids. Fiction. Good fiction. Any stories you wrote and happened to like.
Send to nevertheless_jess@gmail.com or post a comment, or give it to me in person, etc...
I've got some awesome submissions. Touching all boundaries, and ranging from 25 words to 25 pages.

All submitters will receive a free zine...
Apologies for cross-posting.

20th July 2005


6th June 2004

winterwound5:04am: a shot rang out, as shots are wont to do.

you're missing the whole damn point.

sarassine - cancer - draperies - snows - [the golden floorboard, pulled back by a housefire] - swarms of horseflies downing a most elegant bird -the hilarity of tangled up and desperate wedding ribbon - [flood 5000]

with love,
[in the jewelry box behind the pac-man machine in the arcade in the front lounge at Le Energie motel, on the northwestern shore of the labrador coast, newfoundland, 1984]

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24th March 2004

darknesstruth6:27pm: New Ezine for Mental Health
This is to Advertise the Launch of In Sane magazine on the Web. This will be the magazine for the mental health revolution. It will attack sterotypes about mental illness through pop culture and other goods. I'll have a column on here as well as a lot of other writers, actors, musicians, activists, etc...There's room for all in this revolution! To get to the link for In Sane, visit:
You might want to tour my web site at http://www.geocities.com/writetrutham while you are at it. Just a shameless plug.

18th April 2003

typewritercore3:06pm: sorry for xposting.
registration form for the midwest zine fest (detroit rock city, august 15-17!) is up:

everyone planning on coming should go register soon!

along with updated workshop list:

(we still need more workshop teachers, bands, speakers, etc.)

so far confirmed events include:
what the kids want
the tropposcatter
hott beat
north lincoln
defiance, ohio
(more tba)
plus an awesome pupper show by chad of scrag zine.

get in touch!

30th March 2003

typewritercore4:17am: sorry for xposting...
shameless zine fest promotion again.

join the midwest zine fest livejournal community dudes.

and look at the (newly updated) website.

19th March 2003

typewritercore2:23pm: sorry for xposting....
zine fest midwest update:
hi everyone...
my awesome friend fluffy made a flter for the zine fest i posted about earlier (aug 15-17 in detroit). if you want to help us out, you should print it out and make copies to pass along...or email jami and i your address at xeroxthis at hotmail dot com and we will send you a bunch of flyers to pass out.
the flyer is here: http://www.azone.org/ara/zinefest.pdf

we also have a website that is still in its baby stages and you can see that at

if you wanted to run a workshop, send us a descrption of what you want to do and if you want it on friday or saturday.
registration booklets will be availible soon, keep checking the website for details.

6th March 2003

pigskin9:06pm: dunno if i said-
i just started an lj community for anyone whos interested for people who are into writing. i also havent seen many posts for here recently, but does anyone know of anywhere that lets people publish decent childrens books for a reasonable price? i know alot of publishing companies publish anything, but i dont know anything about the illustration deals or anything. i was looking up companies and found somehting called www.trafford.com i think (at least i know that was the company name) and it sounded decent. but if anyone wants to check it out, maybe they can pick up on any illegitamacy there might be.
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5th March 2003

Hey would any of you ladies like to submit work (i.e. artwork, article, review, poetry, short story, interview, etc etc) to the Ladyfest Melbourne zine??

If you do, please email ladyfestmelbourne@hotmail.com!!

Thank you and I apologise for any cross-posting that may occur

Karla xo

3rd March 2003

pigskin9:55pm: a change
ok, i said my group was Cherry66. since i did that on accident, i now have a group called WritersAndSwappers and wont use the other. its linked on www.angelfire.com/rebellion/playgirl

1st March 2003

pigskin10:53pm: new here
hey everyone. just joined. im starting an online newsletter i have partially setup and i need contributions. its just missing content. some people have checked it out but not many people have expressed interest in writing. id be happy to advertise for people who advertise for me but what i want(and im accepting just about anything) are relevant stories, haikus, poems, limericks, comments, rants, reviews, or ideas of your own. so feel free to leave a message here or email me at Cinnamin_@hotmail.com . this issue is about sex and relationships. and if you stop by to check it out at www.angelfire.com/rebellion/playgirl , please leave some feedback on the board. and the site has a button to join my yahoo group as well(for writers, swappers, active posters, whatever). btw, im looking into writers groups in southeastern pa., and cant seem to find any. im not interested in reading groups because i dont really have much time to read, but could anyone point me in the right direction? even if just to tell me what keywords might help to find the groups in a search engine. id appreciate it. anyways, nice to meet yas.
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7th February 2003

typewritercore7:47pm: SORRY FOR X-POSTING but....
to take place august 15-17th in detroit MI.
three days of sharing skills and ideas, trading zines and projects, bands, dance parties and other fun stuff.
but we need yer help!!!

right now we need people to get the word out so we can have input from all over the place.
we need people to volunteer to teach workshops and stuff, and closer to the dates of the fest we will need people to voluteer to help cook food and do childcare and cleanup and shit like that.
this cant happen without yer help.

please email me at scarvesandbicycles at hotmail dot com if you have any ideas or if you'd be willing to mail out flyers, send me yer address. if you are in a band and want to play, or if you'd like to read selections from yer zine or do spoken word or somethin' let me know. also if you run a distro tables will be avaible from 5-15 bucks (sliding scale). we also want to have a HUGE zine swap one of the days.

were looking for workshops on stuff like:
stencil making
running a distro
trans and gender issues
unlearning male privilege
white privilege and racism
living sustainably
permaculture, composting, garderning
knitting and crochet
radical menstruation

anything you can think of related to zines, DIY, radical livin'....

this is a girl/queer/trans positive event!

we have confirmed a few bands and are talking to more and looking for more too. were also currently working on an info pack about the fest that will come with a patch and button and a big zine with workshop info, stuff about detroit, places to stay and eat and get coffee, cool radical projects in detroit, etc.
when we make the website it will be at www.geocities.com/xeroxthis
and you can keep checking at www.geocities.com/typewritercore (my distro site) for details.

thats all for now. help out with this kids!!!
xo jessika

7th January 2003

areespeaeseetea9:14pm: Books Not Bombs Fundraiser!
[sorry for any crossposting!]

Attention Distro kids and zine kids!

Books Not Bombs CT is low on funds. We need to pay for tables at up coming events, get storage containers, gas money, as well as postage money for donated goods. We table at various shows & events in New England and give away zines, books, stickers, patches, buttons, flyers, literature, posters and basically anything that promotes self education and reading as empowerment!

We've decided to do a fundraiser. I will be putting together a 'zine' of ads for distros and zines. That is where you come in. Your ad can be in this zine and it will be distributed to all over the place and also sent out in the mail.

An ad will be on a sliding scale donation of $2-$6. The only restrictions are that your ad must be less than 1/2 of a letter size page & be in black and white. (obviously, no homophobic, racist, sexist, etc stuff will be tolerated)

Also, anyone who sends in an ad will get a free Books Not Bombs button and a copy of the 'zine' of sorts!

Be sure to include the following things in your ad:
-Zine/Distro Name
-Address/Email Address/Web Address
-Focus of Zine/Distro

You can send your ad via mail to:
Krystina Krysiak
63 Coburn Rd
Manchester, CT 06040

Or, if you really really don't have the time to make an ad, just send me your info at go_out_and_play@msn.com and i'll make one for you!

All donations can be sent to the mail address above, and Paypal is accepted with the email address above.

The deadline is Feb. 20th.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope that people will want to get involved and help us out!

xo krystina

ps- you can also send any zine/book/sticker/patch/etc donations along with your ad!!

19th December 2002

richmackin6:11pm: Beantown Zinetown 6

Beantown Zinetown 6, Boston's annual zine fair, will be taking place at Mass College of Art, in Boston, on Sat, March 29, 2003.

The basic idea is that I set up a room, fill it with tables, and you do the rest. Very no-frills, and yet, this sort of lack or organization seems to be one of the best zinester events each year!

check out richmackin.org for more details, or email me with questions or to request space.

17th December 2002

andreajersey1:22am: okay, so this is the beginning of a short non fiction piece about growing up in my town. I am looking for general feedback as well as whether you think it is a compelling beginning, and what kind of feeling it gives in general and do you think it could go on like this, introducing people and discussing their interactions, or would you want something more?

When I came home for Christmas, my friend Danielle took me to this bar called Sharkey’s where my parents always used to hang out with her dad and some of the other neighbors when we were growing up. The place was always a mystery to me and I couldn’t figure out why they spent so many long hours there while I was home at fifteen sneaking peach schnapps out of their liquor cabinet while I was watching my little sister, so I was disappointed to end up in a small town dive bar with dingy wood paneling, pool tables and foozball tables with out of order signs stuck on the quarter slots, classic rock on the jukebox, menus with glaring typos and the specials taped on handwritten in marker and a few televisions mounted over the bar droning the football game. Danielle’s boyfriend Mike hugged and kissed the waitresses and in eighth grade, he was my cousin’s best friend and the first boy I ever kissed and he lived with his dad in a tiny little apartment in a tiny little street across from the library and a pizza sauce factory, the house where everyone drank beer and smoked pot for the first time because his father started drinking at noon and by five, he was playing his accordian and singing loudly in Italian from his upstairs bedroom and by nine, he was already asleep and the complete lack of parental supervision made the perfect arena for preteen debauchery. He was almost completely oblivious to anything we did for five years except on the rare occasions where he would burst through the blanket that served as Mike's door and did things like my friend Jill a slut for sitting on Mike’s bed with a boy. He threw her out and she never came back. These days Mike delivers pizza and plays drums for a jazz band that put out a record when we were sixteen and in fact, he saw me walking down the street one day and sold me the record out of his car as he was delivering pizza and tonight, as we are sitting at the bar catching up he leans over and confides, “My dream, is to play drums so good that I just like, descend into heaven,” and I am confident that his delusions of grandeur have nothing to do with the eight bong hits he took before we picked him up. My friend Ryan, who I have known for just as long but haven’t seen for at least a year is creeping me out because his hair has grown out long and he has this silly shadow of a mustache and his skin is breaking out and it feels like he reverted back to his fifteen year old self just for me and the feeling is confirmed when he goes to the jukebox and plays Nirvana. I tell him that “Where did you sleep last night?” is just what I would have picked and I ask what else he played but he won’t tell and then a Weezer song begins and just then Boris walks in and as he is hugging his hello he says “Did you play this? And I say “no, why?” and he says “Because..because you’re such a weezer chick,” and I say “what’s a weezer chick?” and he says “you” and I make a face and then Ryan says, “I know dude, I played this but I played it for her” and I haven’t listened to Weezer for years and then I realize what’s going on, is that they are seeing me as my fifteen year old self as well and on one hand there is this sense that we have traveled back in time, with Mike’s threadbare sofa transformed into sticky bar stools but on the other hand it just drives home the point that next week, I will be twenty-two years old.

i appreciate any and all comments..thanks!!
xxo andrea

16th December 2002

shyrdicalchrldr5:42pm: i wrote something for my zine and to perhaps be circulated around if i think it's good enough, and i sent it to some friends and posted it to my livejournal but i haven't gotten many comments yet. maybe i'm just being impatient, but i've not really gotten many suggestions or editting tips on my writing. so maybe i can here? i want to get my zine done pretty soon.
keep in mind that this is going to be printed in an anarcha-feminist zine and that i'm hoping to post it to infoshop.org (which a lot of anarchists read) if it's good enough. so if you're not an anarchist, it may not make any sense to you, although i would like for it to be of interest to non-anarchists, so let me know if it's something someone would read if they weren't an anarchist.
i mainly want to get feedback on my clarity, and perhaps if there are some annoying run-ons or something. thanks.

this is a rough draft- do not forward it.
"Are You Stuck on 'Manarchy'?"

14th December 2002

literaryterror7:04pm: hi, my name is korinna and my friend alex (thinkbettersick) said this is a really good community and i am joining it because i am looking for a place to get more constructive critisizm for my writing. so, i have a short story that is here: http://tshirt.lhabia.com/basketcase.html that i wrote last spring. i want to work n it again eventually, and am interested in any critisisms. besides the punctuation and spelling and grammer shit. im looking forward to reading other peoples stuff.

10th December 2002

noyoudidnt8:17pm: hey guys...
the semester is basically over so i finally have some time to actually write. this is something i wrote tonight, it's basically about the way being working class and stuck gets passed down through generations. im not sure if that theme is totally clear in the writing, or what i could do to make it better, so help me out.

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29th November 2002

moonlitdarkness4:39am: rock and roll.
Hello everyone. My name is megan, and I stumbled on this community while doing a search for "zines". In a community of writers and people interested in zines, I was hoping that some of you would be interested in writing for a comp zine I am working on. It's basically peoples' responses to two song lyrics. The information for it is here:

Rockin' the 607Collapse )

thanks to everyone who shows interest and keep up the writing. <3 .megan.
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nildo851:15am: hey i just joined. i had a question.. (i don't know that much about doing zines.) i wrote out this story and it is about 5-6 pages handwritten. most of my material is kind of short like a one page story.

when you are writing do you make one big long story? i like what i have written, but I don't want it to become too tedious or boring for someone to read. and most of the things in my zine jump around and don't relate exactly. so i don't know if one big long piece would look odd.
just wondering what you do about length and if it matters?

i could post on here sometime using lj cut because i could use feedback

thanks nilda
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25th November 2002

flowerviolence11:43pm: Hey, I'm new to this community. just wanted to say hi I suppose...its not entirely relevant to the specificity of this community, but since im already posting, im working on a photo zine, since I now have ::limited:: access to a xerox machine that actually reproduces photos decently. In order to print a photo in a dot matrix form I used to scan the photos and print them out on a lazer printer at school - im sure there is an easier way using photoshop or something, but im not sure how. anybody know? anybody have any advice on a photo zine in particular?
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thinkbettersick4:36pm: cure for writer's block?
how about listing suggestions for curing writer's block? what works for you?

for me, drinking too much coffee gets my mind going a million miles an hour and sometimes helps.

reading a great zines that make me want to pick up my own notebook always helps too.

thinking of a situation real or fictional and trying to describe the mood, personality, and setting is a good start.

what helps you?
draggingmyheels5:14pm: intros all around!
hey everyone, i'm new to this community [isn't everyone?] and i thought i'd say hello.

my name is brandy, i'm 22, and i live in ontario, canada. i'm working on my first zine since high school (!) and it's called string section.

right now my great writing feat is recounting my entire life. hah! sounds boring & self-indulgent, and it is, but it's a sort of self-rediscovery phase i'm going through after a recent breakup in a serious relationship.

i'm currently trying to cut out all the boring stuff while remaining true to the events in my life that have shaped who i am today. i'm walking the fine line between sensationalizing real events & remaining honest. i don't want it to be a boring read, but i'm finding it difficult sometimes. maybe i'm just being hypercritical of myself. i dunno.

anyway, hello, that's a little about me. nice to meet you all.
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