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intros all around!

hey everyone, i'm new to this community [isn't everyone?] and i thought i'd say hello.

my name is brandy, i'm 22, and i live in ontario, canada. i'm working on my first zine since high school (!) and it's called string section.

right now my great writing feat is recounting my entire life. hah! sounds boring & self-indulgent, and it is, but it's a sort of self-rediscovery phase i'm going through after a recent breakup in a serious relationship.

i'm currently trying to cut out all the boring stuff while remaining true to the events in my life that have shaped who i am today. i'm walking the fine line between sensationalizing real events & remaining honest. i don't want it to be a boring read, but i'm finding it difficult sometimes. maybe i'm just being hypercritical of myself. i dunno.

anyway, hello, that's a little about me. nice to meet you all.
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hello brandy, i'm sort of doing the whole autobiographical zine thing too. i'm doing a book version of old issues of my zines and adding things that were written about the time frame but written later. it's going to be a lot of work and weird to co-ordinate. i know that a lot of my older things were written for a smaller audience of friends and need clarity in parts. it's hard to figure out what is interesting to other people sometimes.-alex