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Hello everyone. My name is megan, and I stumbled on this community while doing a search for "zines". In a community of writers and people interested in zines, I was hoping that some of you would be interested in writing for a comp zine I am working on. It's basically peoples' responses to two song lyrics. The information for it is here:

the lyrics are:

1) .you and me were kings over the parkway tonight. and tonight will go on forever while we walk around this town like we own the streets and stay awake through summer like we own the heat.


2) .hey, i remember when i sat on those steps watching the moon chase the sky back until the world seemed like it would explode. and i could picture going up with it. it'd be just how I'd like to go. and i'd sing.

now, the deal is you write whatever those lyrics make you think of. it can be a story, something that actually happened to you that relates to the lyrics, just an emotional reaction, anything. the rules are:

1) you must write something for both of the lyrics. not just one or the other.
2) there's no length limit. it can be as long or as short as you want. if a problem with the length comes up, i'll let you know about it.
3) please include a title for each piece, and the name you'd like me to credit you as. in order to seperate the entries for each, i plan on putting a title and author name before each piece of writing.
4) deadline for submission is december 7th.

if you're interested in writing or just receiving the finished zine, email me with questions, comments, or writing at: rockinthe607@hotmail.com

thanks to everyone who shows interest and keep up the writing. <3 .megan.
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