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this is a community for zine writers who want to share written works-in-progress, to get critiques, feedback, and advice. if you have something you want to put in your zine but want some help, advice, or constructive criticism before actually putting it in, post it here. also, questions about layouts, backgrounds, and graphic elements of zine pieces can be asked too. "what kind of background would work best with this story?" things like that.

this should go without saying, but criticism and comments should be CONSTRUCTIVE. the point of this is to improve each others' writing, not cut each other down and make yrself seem smart.

also, if you want to plug your zine with a piece in it that you shared in this community, go for it, but let's keep the plugs and advertising to a minimum. there's other communities and email lists devoted to that.

ok 1 2 3 go!