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Books Not Bombs Fundraiser!

[sorry for any crossposting!]

Attention Distro kids and zine kids!

Books Not Bombs CT is low on funds. We need to pay for tables at up coming events, get storage containers, gas money, as well as postage money for donated goods. We table at various shows & events in New England and give away zines, books, stickers, patches, buttons, flyers, literature, posters and basically anything that promotes self education and reading as empowerment!

We've decided to do a fundraiser. I will be putting together a 'zine' of ads for distros and zines. That is where you come in. Your ad can be in this zine and it will be distributed to all over the place and also sent out in the mail.

An ad will be on a sliding scale donation of $2-$6. The only restrictions are that your ad must be less than 1/2 of a letter size page & be in black and white. (obviously, no homophobic, racist, sexist, etc stuff will be tolerated)

Also, anyone who sends in an ad will get a free Books Not Bombs button and a copy of the 'zine' of sorts!

Be sure to include the following things in your ad:
-Zine/Distro Name
-Address/Email Address/Web Address
-Focus of Zine/Distro

You can send your ad via mail to:
Krystina Krysiak
63 Coburn Rd
Manchester, CT 06040

Or, if you really really don't have the time to make an ad, just send me your info at and i'll make one for you!

All donations can be sent to the mail address above, and Paypal is accepted with the email address above.

The deadline is Feb. 20th.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope that people will want to get involved and help us out!

xo krystina

ps- you can also send any zine/book/sticker/patch/etc donations along with your ad!!
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