Jessica Rabbid (pigskin) wrote in writersbloc,
Jessica Rabbid

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new here

hey everyone. just joined. im starting an online newsletter i have partially setup and i need contributions. its just missing content. some people have checked it out but not many people have expressed interest in writing. id be happy to advertise for people who advertise for me but what i want(and im accepting just about anything) are relevant stories, haikus, poems, limericks, comments, rants, reviews, or ideas of your own. so feel free to leave a message here or email me at . this issue is about sex and relationships. and if you stop by to check it out at , please leave some feedback on the board. and the site has a button to join my yahoo group as well(for writers, swappers, active posters, whatever). btw, im looking into writers groups in southeastern pa., and cant seem to find any. im not interested in reading groups because i dont really have much time to read, but could anyone point me in the right direction? even if just to tell me what keywords might help to find the groups in a search engine. id appreciate it. anyways, nice to meet yas.
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