maybe its about not giving up. (typewritercore) wrote in writersbloc,
maybe its about not giving up.

sorry for xposting....

zine fest midwest update:
hi everyone...
my awesome friend fluffy made a flter for the zine fest i posted about earlier (aug 15-17 in detroit). if you want to help us out, you should print it out and make copies to pass along...or email jami and i your address at xeroxthis at hotmail dot com and we will send you a bunch of flyers to pass out.
the flyer is here:

we also have a website that is still in its baby stages and you can see that at

if you wanted to run a workshop, send us a descrption of what you want to do and if you want it on friday or saturday.
registration booklets will be availible soon, keep checking the website for details.
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